So what is this blog all about?

Magic the Gathering of course! 🙂

I rarely buy new cards. I have tons of old cards and sometimes – rarely – buy a single booster. Last box of boosters I’ve bought was Mirrodin. And I bought it as Ravnica was out and it was cheap.

Every now and then I find a card – usually rare – that is begging to have a deck developed around it. I try it out a bit (with proxies) and then check the price of singles. Assuming it is cheap I’ll order the needed card(s) and develop rest from the cards I have.

My decks try to be fun to play with. They don’t win tournaments, they perform mediocre at best. Fun is the key.

And the face of your opponent when you gain upper hand by playing New Frontiers. 😀

(The author of the blog can be reached from Twitter where he goes by the name of @fantas0s and mostly talks about mobile tech.)


Card proposals? Suggestions? Tell here what you think...

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