Bird Maiden



This starts from the comment that my friend gave me in Facebook. He dared me to make a deck from Bird Maiden as he has quite nice collection of Bird Maidens – over 60 of them. 😉

So what to make out of Bird Maiden? This is what I came up with:

The deck

4 x Bird Maiden
4 x Buried Alive
1 x Entomb
2 x Zombify
4 x Rise from the Grave
2 x Dance of the Dead
4 x Earthbind
2 x Torture
4 x Seizures
2 x Exotic disease
2 x Phyresis
1 x Last Word
4 x Terminate
4 x Tarnished Citadel
1 x City of Brass
1 x Bloodstained mire
1 x sulfurous springs
6 x Mountain
11 x Swamp

How to play

The basic idea is to bury the Bird Maiden alive (or entomb her) and then turn her into a zombie (very accurately so via Rise from the grave) or alternatively you can just force the dead Maiden to dance by your whistle.

Now that we’re at it, we can also bind the Maiden to earth and torture her. I totally expect her to have a headache so I added Seizures to the deck. And if you ask me, bird maiden probably carries an exotic disease (and with Phyresis you can make sure she has infect).

That annoying Maiden probably tries to have the Last Word, hence it’s better to just Terminate her as soon as possible – as if there would be a way to cast the sole Last Word anyway.


I never really liked Bird Maiden.


Elemental Augury


This is one of the oldest deck ideas I’ve had. It was around year 2002 when I found this card in some online catalog and realized it was not listed in the service I usually used to browse cards. It costed too much so I dropped the idea then but printed proxies to try it around. The key was “target player’s library”. I could gain control of opponents game! Oh, the possibilities!

My initial idea was black/red land destruction with splash of blue to provide mana for playing Elemental Augury. Prevent opponent from having lands with stone rains and alike, kill their access to mana with Elemental Augury, use Millstone to lose lands from top of opponents library. Done.

That didn’t work out well so my current version packs creature destruction and counterspells. I recently found Elemental Auguries from Blackborder and they costed only $0.24 a piece! Combine that with Millstones being only $0.39 each and my order of eight cards was set!

The deck

4 x Elemental Augury
4 x Millstone
4 x Terminate
4 x Mana Leak
4 x Counterspell
3 x Notorious Assassin
1 x Decree of Pain
4 x Dark banishing
1 x Fabricate
1 x Demonic Tutor
1 x Vampiric Tutor
1 x Bane of the Living
1 x Barter in blood
1 x Deep-sea Kraken
2 x Phantom Warrior
24 x lands (will update exact list here…)

Want to try it? Cards you don’t need:

You can safely replace any card that is not named Elemental Augury. Even Millstone has replacement options. Use the control cards you have. That’s what I did.

How to play

On early game you will slow down opponent with Terminates and Mana Leaks, looking for mana to play Elemental Augury. When Augury is out, wait for opponent’s turn and play your slow-downs on his/her turn. When the inevitable turn comes that opponent does not play a spell, it’s time to use Augury. Put land on top of opponent’s library so they will be short of spells and (if you have it) use millstone to dump opponent’s non-land cards to their graveyard. Beat opponent to death with Deep-Sea Kraken or Phantom Warrior.


• There is no need to counter/terminate every Llanowar Elf opponent plays. You can root them out later with Notorious Assassin. If you lack suitable cards, use Augury on yourself.
• The Deck is a control deck so you can survive without Augury if it comes to that.
• The deck is slow. Fully functional lock needs 7 mana: 3 for augury, 2 for millstone and 2 for (defensive) counterspell. And – frankly – nobody wants to look the game to an end if you get them to a lock so it’s boring too. Only reason I listed this in my blog is that I wanted to tell what is the oldest “deck from a card” I have done.