Vedalken Orrery & New Frontiers


According to Wizards Of The Coast the most submitted idea for “You make the card II” was “You can play sorceries as instants. However, Vedalken Orrery was already in the set so they ignored those submissions.
So when Orrery was out? I ordered four-of. Unfortunately I never managed to do anything useful out of it. Best situation I got to was when my friend cast Naturalize, targeting Orrery. I responded with Flicker, which bounced Orrery out of game and back in. It took a while before he was ready to believe that his Naturalize will fizzle even though the Orrery is in battlefield as we speak. But that set of four was left to gather dust. And then I noted this combo submission in

Balance + New Frontiers
you’d be amazed how stupid people can be when they see that you’ve retieved no land.

The thing is: why not play massive New Frontiers on opponents turn? Then they will decide first. Also: why use Balance which is restricted? Since I had good skeleton for this combo, I made a deck from it:

The deck

4 x New Frontiers
4 x Vedalken Orrery
4 x Terravore
3 x Jokulhaups
1 x Obliterate
4 x Llanowar Elves
4 x Wild Growth
4 x Stone Rain
4 x Winter’s Grasp
1 x Kaervek’s Torch
1 x Demonfire
4 x Moment’s Peace
4 x Sandstone Needle
4 x Hickory Woodlot
5 x Mountain
9 x Forest

Want to try it? Cards you don’t need:

You don’t need else than Orrery and Frontiers, really. And from them, Orrery can be replaced with Hypersonic Dragon, Leyline of Anticipation, Alchemist’s Refuge or alike. Add mass land removal (Armageddon, anyone?) and you’re set.
What you need is basic lands as New Frontiers fetches those. Special lands are bad for this deck.

How to play

Slow opponent down with land destruction and accelerate mana with Elves and Wild Growths. Try to use two-mana lands only once so you can get as much mana out as possible. Play Vedalken Orrery, wait opponent’s turn, untap and wait until opponent has reached end phase. Then cast New Frontiers with X at about 10.
If opponent fetches lands, fetch none (or as much as you need to cast Jokulhaups) and as your turn starts, untap. Cast Jokulhaups. Your opponent has no lands and a depleted library. Victory is at your grasp with Terravore.
If opponent refuses to fetch lands (or fetches, say… one), get as much as you paid for and win the game on more traditional way or with X-burn.


Try to have fun. This deck is in reality 4-card combo (Orrery, New Frontiers, Jokulhaups and Kaervek’s Torch), which means you most likely will never get to see it work like it should. But when it does, boy is it fun. 😀